take the power back around health!

It can be easy to feel disempowered around healthcare. I see so many clients who've felt pushed around or sometimes ignored when they felt terrible, had low energy or were off balance but didn't know why.

In fact we are not given much if any preventative tools at the doctor's office during big transitional times such as perimenopause. We are told it is what it is, and most women feel terrible --- but it's time we take the power back in our health!

Even when you are not in a transitional or diseased state there is so much that can be discovered about your health, and many tools to help you feel better from the inside out instead of feeling powerless. It's all in those details.

A few months ago I launched a new service offering - Virtual Comprehensive Lab Analysis sessions because when we look at lab work it can be eye opening, beyond just a high or low on a certain test. I can take your current labs or order new ones, and really get to the heart of how and why preventative medicine is so powerful.

Plus you can do this from anywhere in the world --- no need to come into the office. Our work is all about about supporting YOUR optimal health.

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VIRTUAL: Comprehensive Initial Lab Analysis*

+ Lab Analysis Results Sessions {now available}

with Dr. Jessica Parker

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Note: Dr. Parker is trained to analyze the details of specific tests from a functional medicine approach to find the root cause of disease. The types of testing will be discussed during this initial appointment. Once specific lab work has been ordered and processed, a follow up virtual session will best scheduled. Dr. Parker will provide you a detailed explanation of your labs as well as provide you an integrative treatment plan with specific tools to support your optimal health. Appointments offered via Zoom only, and do not require an in-office visit.

*Initial session required even if you are an existing patient.

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