A new service and expansion of our integrated approach to health + wellness

We're believers in the power of working with Eastern AND Western medicine for optimal health, an integrated model to wellness.

For years I've been working to help clients decipher lab work, or work together to order the right tests. It can be easy to get buried in panic if you google nearly any affliction, and sometimes quite a challenge to get the right care and course of treatment for maximum results.

Now I'm thrilled to announce a new offering - Comprehensive Lab Analysis through root + stem! And the best part is that you can do this from anywhere in the world --- no need to come into the office. We can work together with lab results you already have, or figure out which ones you might need. After labs are ordered and results are discussed in detail, we can work together on an integrated treatment plan with specific tools to support YOUR optimal health.

VIRTUAL: Comprehensive Initial Lab Analysis* 
+ Lab Analysis Results Sessions {available}
with Dr. Jessica Parker

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Note: Dr. Parker is trained to analyze the details of specific tests from a functional medicine approach to find the root cause of disease. The types of testing will be discussed during this initial appointment. Once specific lab work has been ordered and processed, a follow up virtual session will best scheduled. Dr. Parker will provide you a detailed explanation of your labs as well as provide you an integrative treatment plan with specific tools to support your optimal health. These unique appointments are offered via Zoom only, and do not require an in-office visit.

*Initial session required even if you are an existing patient. 
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