Get Healthy This Winter!

Brisk days make us want to stay nourished & feeling great! 🌞


It's not too late to sign up for 6 Weeks to Glow Program for the winter season 🍁🌙-- with Lyssandra Guerra of Native Palms Nutrition + Dr. Jessica Parker of @rootandstem

This isn't just an immunity boosting program -- clients have happily and easily shifted their nutrition and lifestyle habits (feeling good about it and not feeling deprived!), they have overcome digestive issues, are balancing their hormones that affect stress, sleep, and weight... and best of all they are more in tune with their bodies and making healthier choices in ways that feel gooood to them.

This new wellness program combines Eastern Medicine, Acupuncture, Comprehensive Lab Analysis and Nutrition/Wellness. This reset will empower you to take the control back around your health 😊️

  • This package includes a comprehensive health history and lab analysis through two virtual sessions with Dr. Jessica Parker -- a new component, plus an in-person acupuncture session at root + stem's offices along with suggestions on herbs to support your optimal health

  • You will receive customized and expert advice and protocols (instead of the general tips you see everywhere) via three in-person sessions with Lyssandra.

  • We believe in an empowered model for health, and the more tools and knowledge we have to make aligned decisions.

Email us to learn more and get started.

P.S. you can find the recipe to Lyssandra's magic 8 balls (spirulina chocolate truffles as pictured - YUM) on her website at