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We are so proud to share our healing clinic with such an amazing cast of practitioners. Below are links to the many other health practices in our building. 

Awaken Chiropratic
Awaken provides you with a truly unique experience of chiropractic. Our goal is to provide you with the opportunity to gain greater health and well-being with gentle chiropractic adjustments specific to your needs, in an environment that fosters vitality and deep healing.

Native Palms Nutrition 
Lyssandra offers individual sessions and packages with the goal to heal the body from within. In her sessions, Lyssandra listens to her clients needs and through meticulous detective work, her intuition, and her many tools she offers an in-depth look of what the body needs for balance and healing. She combines her role as a nutritionist and an energy kinesiologist to see the whole picture what is going on in the body and mind. Lyssandra is compassionate in her work, offering insightful and informative analysis with action-oriented, measurable and realistic steps to help her clients achieve their health goals.

Inez Healing Arts
Healing through sacred sound, intuitive body-work, medicinal plants and ceremony
"I am guided by the divine ancestral voice.” 
My intention is to contribute to the well-being and wholeness of all those seeking complementary methods of integrated health.

Stephanie Wilger, NC
As an internal organ and reproductive organ specialist, I feel the way your internal organs, tissues, fluids, energy, bones are responding, and gently assist to coordinate them for better communication and function.  You relax and let go of tensions, stored emotions, becoming more vibrant, more yourself.

The Winter Method
Providing deep tissue massage therapy for long lasting relief. 

Oakland Holistic Psychotherapy
Somatic Therapy-Eco Therapy-Couples Therapy